Lipnik nad Becvou


Lipník nad Bečvou is an ancient town with 8.5 thousand inhabitants lying in the very centre of the Moravian Gate valley, in its narrowest point. This ancient trade route is bordered by the Hostýn Hills on one side and on the other side by the Odra Hills. The Bečva river flows through the area and, the Moravian Gate connects the fertile Haná Region with Silesia and additionally with the Moravian Wallachia. An important trade route called Amber Path passed it in the past. 
The first written report on Lipník dates back to 1238, however, the town itself is without any doubt much older.

Iron in Lipnik nad Becvou

The Helfštýn castle is only 4 km from Lipník nad Bečvou. Helfštýn is place famous for hosting international festivals of art blascksmiths „Hefaiston“. The exhibition of art blacksmiths is held in Lipník too.


Lipník nad Bečvou has been an urban conservation area since 1989. There are only two such towns within the Olomouc Region – City of Olomouc itself and Lipník nad Bečvou with more than 100 scheduled ancient monuments . Up to now, the town has preserved its original street lines, historic objects in the medieval core and to a large extent, a very remarkable fortification system. The town still features all the characters of ancient sites – a central square , star-shaped road system and bypasses. Its historical layout is largely preserved. From this point of view, Lipník nad Bečvou can be considered as one of the most valuable urban conservation areas in Czechia according to an unofficial categorization.


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