1857 The Maximilian railway from Munich to Salzburg was built


1859 Press peat plant for railway and saline in Rosenheim



1860 Start of construction of the cotton factory




In 1863 the independent municipality of Kolbermoor was founded with approx. 1000 inhabitants


 1993 Closure of cotton factory and structural changes from an industrial village to a modern city to live, work and life

12,000 inhabitants were counted in 1978, in 2011 there are more than 18,500.





A decline of the industrial settlement set up a in the 70s of the 20th century, who found its peak in 1993 with the closure of the cotton factory.

In the same year, the city purchased the 165 apartments of the historical factory settlement, just under 20 million€ were invested in their rehabilitation up to now.



For the industrial wasteland of the old factory, there were many concepts and interested parties until a regional investor bought the 15-acre site in 2004 and implement its corporate restructuring with receipt of a large part of the historic buildings of spinning.


Today, this is the most obvious sign of Kolbermoor's rural structural change from the industrial to the commercial and retail location.


Public institutions in Kolbermoor:

  • 3 schools with appr. 1,200 pupils
  • 7 Kindergarten for appr. 550 children (1-6 years)
  • Municipal. School of Music
  • 3 parish churches
  • about 65 local associations
  • 1 tempered outdoor pool 
  • 3 indoor sports halls 
  • 3 outdoor sports grounds 
  • 2 local fire departments
  • Municipal water company






New building of the city hall with library and community college


In 1996 the first blacksmith-meeting in Kolbernmoor on the initiative of Wasti Still and Peter Elgass.

The blacksmith meeting is held every two years and has established itself as a great event. Many projects were developed and performed from the forge meetings.

2009 on the occasion of the General Assembly of the ring the Bridge of Friendship was officially wide.









Michi Ertlmeier, Hans Reif and Sepp Still has already realized some workshops and projects in Kolbermoor, e.g. Steet signs, railings for the town- square,urban furnishing,  youth work projects, sculptures.





Personified by Mayor Ludwig Reimeier and his deputy Franz Schrank, Kolbermoor was involved in the formation of the ring significantly.
The aim is, in addition to the support of traditional blacksmith-craft and contemporary metal-design to tackle also topics and projects in
cultural, sportive and touristic sector. So that the town twinnings will be expanded and promoted. 





Stadt Kolbermoor
Rathausplatz 1
83059 Kolbermoor

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