Location: Southwest Finland Area: ca. 520 km² Inhabitants ca. 8.000 Mynämäki is situated about 30 km from Turku and it belongs to the Turku economic region. Mynämäki is known from its prehistory, history, culture and nature. For further information, see the town´s official web site:

Eisen in Mynämäki

Many archaeological findings from Stone-, Bronze- and Iron Ages have been found in Mynämäki area. The first Finnish car (model Korvensuu) was manufactured in Mynämäki in the year 1912. Some years earlier, already in the year 1909, were in Mynämäki founded Southwest Finland Institute for Art, Craft and Design, which educates artisans for various different professional fields. The duration of artisan´s degree programmes is three years. The students can choose one of the following specialisations for his or her Degree Programme: Metal, Wood, Prehistoric Handicraft Techniques, Textile, Fashion or Building Construction and Restoration.

Specialisation in Metal is based on a good knowledge of metals and other metal related materials, product prototyping processes and the casting and forging of metals. The students also learn to design products for small-scale serial production as well as to plan and carry out the production process. Traditional handicraft techniques are included; e.g. working with bone, horn and with iron production. The products range from jewellery to tools and machines used in the workshop. The examination for Blacksmith National Qualification is available at the metal department.

Raisio regional Education and  Training consortium offers some metal studies, e.g. the Specialist Qualification for Blacksmiths specialiced in knives and scabbards. The education was started in autumn 2008 and the first competence test was in June 2009.   All who passed the test have made products of very high quality. The products made by the Blacksmiths will be the most high national standart. Desing and finishing of the whole formed by the knife and the scabbard must be technically and ergonomic exellent. The qualified Master knows the most demanding works and quides other knife makers.




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