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Stia is a corner of Tuscany situated inside the National Park of the Casentino Forests, in the province of Arezzo, rich with history, culture and surroundings: squares, churches and castles, inserted into a still uncontaminated environment.

The town is renowned for the therapeutic properties of it’s mineral waters, for it’s production of wool (casentino cloth) and for it’s wrought iron.

Today Stia is still a town whereby past and present, economical progress and respect of the environment combine ably.


Iron in Stia:

Stia hosts the European Biennial Art of Blacksmithing, wrought iron craft exhibiton. Founded in 1976 the Wrought Iron exhibition has become one of the most important events of it’s sector at a European level.

Stia’s biennial, next to the authentic tradition of blacksmithing, represents the expression of new tendencies, avant-garde and research orientated into placing this type of craft and art into the economical world.

On occasion of the European Biennial Art of Blacksmithing the International Design and Drawing Competition and, since 2003, the World Forging Championship take place with the participation of blacksmiths from all over the world.




Autonomous Association of the Biennial Wrought Iron exhibition
piazza Pertini 1 52017 Stia (Arezzo)
tel. 0575/503963
fax 0575/503890

Town Hall of Stia
piazza Pertini 1 52017 Sti

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