Our history:

The mining of iron ore and its processing have a long tradition in many parts of Europe. Every region has had its characteristic development as well as its economic ups and downs. One thing is sure, however: metal processing has shaped the culture and the landscape of the regions and towns. 

Some communities remember their traditions and have organized blacksmithing meetings for years. Thus it was the blacksmiths that got to know the different blacksmithing communities of Europe over the years. And they were the driving force to bring together the organisers of these events in order to enable a cooperation in the interest of both the metal designers and the communities.

This organization is called „Ring of European Cities of Iron Works“ (Ring der Europäischen Schmiedestädte,  L´Anneau des Villes Européennes de la Ferronnerie, Kolo Miast Kowalskich Europy, Euroopan taontakaupunkien rinki), and its official seat is in Olbernhau, Germany. Its basic aims and strategies were defined in Arles-sur-Tech in 2000, and the organization was officially founded on 16th June 2001.

The chronology of the development of the Association

2000- August; 

1st working session in Kolbermoor (D)

2000- October; 

2. working session in Arles sur Tech (F) with formation of an proponentenkomitee to  founding the Association.

2001- June.;

1st General Assembly with foundation of the Association in Olbernhau. The first members are Kolbermoor (D); Gniew (PL); Mynämäki; (FIN), Olbernhau (D); St. Clair sur Epte (F); Stolberg (D); Ybbsitz (A)

2002- April;

Pulse seminar in Mynämäki, funded by the European Commission - subject: intensification of communication;

2002- July;

General Assembly in Gniew; Recording the city Bad Hall (A)

2003- July;

General Assembly in St. Clair sur Epte; Recording the city STIA (I)


General Assembly in Stolberg; Recording the city Friesoythe (D); St. Clair sur Epte retires from the association

2005- July;

General Assembly in Bad Hall; Recording the city Oude IJsselstreek (NL)


General Assembly in STIA (I); Recording the city Lipnik nad Becvou (CZ) in the Club

2007- July;

General Assembly in Ybbsitz

2008- July;

General Assembly in Friesoythe; Recording the city Donetsk (UA

2009- July;

General Assembly in Kolbermoor; Recording the city Acireale (I), Arles-sur-Tech (F), Ivano-Frankivsk (UA), Valbonne (F)

2010- September;

General Assembly in Oude Ijsselstreek

2011- August;

General Assembly in Lipnik nad Becvou; Recording the city Bienno (IT) and the city Øvre Eiker (N)

2012- September;

General Assembly in Donetsk; Recording of the city Camdevanol (E) and the city Ulyanovsk (Ru);  Valbonne retires from the association.

Currently 19 municipalities from 12 different nations are joined together in the ring of the european cities of iron work.