Our aim:

For centuries iron, steel and natural resources have connected people across borders. In order to foster the regional cultures of Europe towns and communities are striving for an international partnership and friendship in a peaceful Europe.

Our motto:

  • We support the regional variety of blacksmithing and metal design in the global unity of Europe on all levels.
  • Our tradition is the basis of a successful and up-to-date future of the Ironcities. We interchange, proud of our traditions and open for new ideas. We support young journeymen: every Ironcity shall offer them accommodation and work.

We achieve our goals by

  • supporting the development of the member communities in the fields of metal design and blacksmithing
  • encouraging the diversity of regional cultures and setting up a network that provides us with a common identity

Our members can take advantage of the following offers:

Representation of interests:

  • The organization encourages the integration of metal design and blacksmithing in the development of the communities and supports the establishment of coordinated management programmes
  • The organization concentrates the interests of the member communities and represents them at international organizations.
  • The organization supports member communities to receive subsidies from the European Union and takes over the leadership of projects that are mostly in the common interest of members.
  • The organization takes measures to contribute to a positive image of metal design and blacksmithing.  


  • The organization and its member communities declare their support for cooperation and communication on a state-of-the-art level.
  • The organization supports exchange programmes between the meber communities and their inhabitants.
  • The organization supports the communication by targetted public relations.
  • The organization and its member communities develop touristic offers, adapt them and care for marketing them.

Training and further instruction:

  • The organization encourages research, protection and development of metal design and blacksmithing.
  • The organization organises the exchange of knowledge and know-how and coordinates the improvement of centres for training and further instruction.